If an incident occurs with a Service User during our support, records will be updated as soon as possible. These forms include details such as a summary, triggers of behaviour, causes of incident, in depth analysis and details of who was affected by the incident. We will review the way we dealt with the incident and consider if there are any improvements we could have made.


Referral forms are written before the support has begun. Information is collected from the Service Users, Parents, Guardians, Carers and other Professionals. Referral Forms help us to get to know the client better and to understand their needs.


These Documents are written to help plan the support for the Service User so that their needs are being met. Input is welcome from Service Users, Parents, Guardians, Carers, Social Workers and other Professionals. Support Plans are reviewed every 6 months.


'On Target Support' takes the Service Users' safety very seriously. All risks to the client and workers are considered and are identified in the Risk Assessment. Risk Assessments are reviewed regularly. If risks do not occur, then Assessments are still reviewed monthly and are re-written every 6 months. If a risk is a regular occurrence,  updates will be made as and when necessary.


Every visit we carry out is written about and summarised. We do this so that we can keep a record of what activities were participated in during the visit.  This helps us to monitor how well our Service User engaged with the activity and the Support Worker. 'On Target' will send these documents to the Service User's Parent, Guardian or Carer so they can be informed of the details of each visit.

This page has examples of documents that we keep in our records about our Service Users. The documents on this page are about a fictional person called 'Owen Target' as 'On Target Support' is committed to keeping all records of actual Service Users confidential. Please click on the attachment links to read the documents.