For service users who attend college or are doing courses, we can help with revision or any homework as required. Rob Earl worked at 'The Kings Academy' for 7 years as a 'Learning Support Assistant'. He uses his experience to help services users to work at a suitable pace and to understand any allocated homework.


Retail environments can be daunting for those with a disability and whilst we promote independence, we encourage clients to adopt a healthy, cost effective and affordable lifestyle. For service users who struggle to carry out shopping independently, we offer our assistance when buying food from the supermarket or when making high-street purchases. They are given the opportunity to make their own selections, consider prices and special offers in the supermarkets and to budget their own finances with our help and advice.


Our services include accompanying clients to attend essential meetings such as Doctors’ appointments, support review meetings etc. The intention is to alleviate pressure from the service user who may have difficultly in remembering everything that was said and agreed to during the meeting. We document what is being said and summarise the meeting to ensure that they understand the outcomes in an effort to provide peace of mind.


We encourage clients to pursue new and existing hobbies or interests which they may not otherwise be able to attend. We can transport them to access facilities in the community and by accompanying them ensure they feel self-confident and safe. This helps our service users to gain more enjoyment in their lives and provides opportunities to socialise and make friends. We can accompany service users to attend many leisure activities including football matches, gym sessions, library visits, cinemas, bowling, rock climbing, meals out, social clubs etc.